The nefarious ferret logo consists of a male ferret on the left with a guitar and a female ferret on the right with a microphone and Nefarious Ferrets text in the middle.

Original works by Frank Parker

One Step & One Day at a Time Ballad of Captain Bravo Whatever Road You Travel As Soon As the Rush is Over
Unconventional Beginnings Spreading Our Wings Knight in Tarnished Armor Friends Before Lovers
The Night of the Hunt Green Hills of Terra
Minstrels of the Night Message of the Eagle
Growing Old Together Hawks and Eagles Nashville Bound Spokes on a Wheel
Inherit the Heavens
Times Together Same Old Song Take This Bread
Hills of My Dreams Time Traveler Day of Infamy Remembrances
Spread Your Wings Summer Rain Song Writer Ferret Mischief
Filking Around Going Home Requiem Another
The End Starman

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