Green Hills of Terra

Lyrics 10/01
by Francis C. Parker, Jr.


Forever remember the green hills of Terra
When searching the cosmos in a quest for new home The rivers the mountains the lakes and the valleys
Remain in the heart, but it's time to move on
From Terra to Luna, to Mars and beyond.

We go as we must, to find new far horizons
For mankind has quested for ages unknown
To reach for the new is the root of our being
To venture and study, to search and to roam (Chorus)

But it's also our lot to war and to conquer
To displace and to rule what we don't understand
It's easy for us to believe we belong there
And carry our wars to an alien land (Chorus)

For if we’re to finish what Eagle has started
If we’re to be trusted to learn and to share
We must learn a new way to handle our problems
Forbidding and deep is the silence out there. (Chorus)

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