Day of Infamy

By Francis C. Parker, Jr.
Copyright Sept. 12, 2001

Another day of infamy, a day of tears and fear
Another strike against a land I hold so very dear
The sights and sounds of terror are becoming all too clear
The insanity is growing, yet we need to persevere

Handed to the innocent, this day so full of dread
A sky full of smoke and ash, raining down upon the dead
And the living goes on wondering why this lunacy has spread
And wonder what will come to pass in the days ahead

We used to worry about the bomb above our heads
Now we have a new fear of those who are misled
By overzealous bastards which have become figureheads
Who preach to tear our country into tiny, little shreds?

The cowards have attacked us and war has been declared
I know we will prevail over these dreadful nightmares
The diversity of this great country has lead us everywhere
From Oklahoma City to New York's towers of despair

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