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What is Filk Music?

  1. Filk is a subset of folk music that is practiced in, by, and for the Science Fiction and Fantasy community. The term `filk' was originally a typographic error on a science fiction convention program. People who write or sing filk are called filkers'.
  2. Filk, in its earliest form was the setting of new, usually humorous, words set to old tunes. Filkers still write new words to existing tunes, but they also write songs that are original both in melody and lyrics. These songs can be funny or heart-wrenching, silly or deadly serious, or someplace in the middle.
  3. Filk is most commonly performed A cappella or by vocalists accompanied by guitar. Filkers, however, use a wide range of instruments ranging from traditional to modern, and acoustic to electric.
  4. Filk songs are about every form of Science Fiction or Fantasy you could imagine: outer space (both real and fictional), books, movies, TV shows, dragons, magic, unicorns, vampires, and aliens of every sort are represented.
  5. Filk songs may also be written about things of interest to the Science Fiction and Fantasy community (usually referred to as `fandom') and strongly resembles contemporary folk music. A small sampling of topics includes: cats, computers, social commentary, and politics.
  6. Filk includes songs about fandom itself, including: attending science fiction conventions, running science fiction conventions, and singing filksongs.
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