Where Hawks and Eagles Dare

Lyrics and music by
Francis C. Parker, Jr.
Copyright 1989

Sitting in the heights
Where hawk and eagle dare
High above the turmoil
And trouble every where
High in that cool mountain air

Gazing all around me
The valley deep below
The autumn colors of orange and red
Surround me as I go
And the music of the wind plays my hair

Hawks and eagles soar
So peaceful and serene
Catching the winds and currents
Like ships upon the sea
And they glide on so gracefully


The sun is sinking lower
To the farms and fields below
And the lights of the city
In the distance begin to glow
And I know that my time is near

The evening is upon me now
The stars shining bright
The moon is rising in the East
To dominate the night

And I pack up my gear to go home
And as I travel down the trail
From hawks and eagles lair
The peace I gained from high above
Slowly disappears

And I turn and I sadly wave good bye
Yet deep inside
I know I will return another day
To eagles nest and hawk domain
Where the wind blows and plays
And the music of the wind plays my hair
High in that cool mountain air.

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