Spokes on a Wheel

Lyrics and music by Francis C. Parker, Jr.
(FilkFerret) Francis C. Parker, Jr.
Copyright Apr 2001

The last few days I've heard and read
From friends of mine on-line
One says he's lost a friend of years
"Her agenda was not mine."
Another took her leave from love
To seek another fare
Both friends were filled with loneliness-
And turned to those who care (chorus)


I see life as a circle
There's a fullness to be found
Like spokes upon a wheel
Together we are bound
The lives that touch our being
Spreading outward from the core
Shore up the outer structure
Of our world for evermore

I sat and read words of loss
Of new paths to carve out
I saw the feelings of many friends
Who responded to their call
And I thought how close we really are
And how fragile ties can be
And how we need to cling somewhere
When friendship takes its leave

Instrumental Verse


So every now and then
Through wear and tear of life
A spoke will loosen or fall off
And the wheel's no longer tight
We tend to turn to those we trust
And ask them for advice
Like a wrench we use their words
To tighten up our lives (Chorus)

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