The nefarious ferret logo consists of a male ferret on the left with a guitar and a female ferret on the right with a microphone and Nefarious Ferrets text in the middle.

We have started work on our first CD:

Minstrels of the Night

Picture of proposed Compact Disk Cover
  1. The Ballad of Captain Bravo
  2. Green Hills of Terra
  3. The Night of the Hunt
  4. Requiem
  5. Ferret's Mischief
  6. Spreading Our Wings
  7. Day of Infamy-The End
  8. Hills of My Dreams
  9. Where Hawks and Eagles Dare
  10. Knight in Tarnished Armor
  11. Inherit the Heavens
  12. Minstrels of the Night
  13. Take it One Step and One Day at a Time

We are hoping for a release at ConCarolinas June 2013

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