Ferret's Mischief

Parody of 'Acts of Creation' by Cat Faber
Parody lyric Copyright 07/2k by Francis C. Parker, Jr.
Copyright of the original lyrics and music remain
with the holder(s) of the original copyright

They are cute when they are sleeping; they're adorable at rest,
They are well behaved when in their cage or playing in their nest,
But when the cage door opens and they scatter 'cross the room,
Any act of ferret mischief is an act of doom.

Now a ferret's not a rodent and it is an equal match
For other household pets such as dogs and kitty cats.
They are small and they are playful, but Diablo is their saint
Any thing's a ferret toy, even if it ain't. (chorus)

If you're looking for your shoes or maybe keys to start your car
Or looking for your capo, that you strap on your guitar -
Well, these little critters have a way of hiding all they steal
Which makes your job of finding stuff an endless ordeal. (chorus)

So if you think to find them and to lock them in their cage
Is an easy task to hazard without feeling twice your age,
Here's a hint from ferret owners who have searched the house in vain
They have hiding places that will make you go insane. (chorus)

As I sing a cheerful ending to this silly little song
Our ferrets sit and snicker 'cause you have sung along.
You may think that they are stupid, you may think that they are dumb
But imagine a ferret ..(pause).. with opposable thumbs?

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