The End

Lyrics and music by Francis C. Parker, Jr. 12/77
Copyright 1989

In a deserted and an arid place
Far away from home
A man stands near the ruins
Of a world that's not his own
He ponders the great destruction
Of this tiny arid land
And he wonders how it felt
Days before the end
The hopelessness and fear
Which passed from man to man


As he walks along a barren beach
Of once a happy place
He wonders how the end
Came to such a place
The advancement of this race
Was far above the most
From pictures he had seen
It was such a verdant place

And as he stares in the distance
A statue he does see
A woman with a torch
Lighting up the deaden sea

My first song lyrics ever and it was filk.
I have also started doing this reciting my Sept 11 poem 'Day of Infamy
See if you can guess where it came from.

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