Poem by Francis C. Parker, Jr.
Copyright 9 Apr 03

The first time I remember you we lay upon a beach
Watching the flowing waters of the Nile within our reach
Siblings as well as lovers, our souls were forever tied
With a love that is known to so few; one that spans all time
I clasped my fingers within yours and pledged my heart to you
And promised to search and find you in every life we knew.
Then I kissed your honey lips, your bronze skin I adored
Beneath the sky of a desert world, then and evermore

The next we found each other was in a land of green
Our memories of our life there are shrouded in a dream
Swirling mists of color we see clearly within our minds
But our role we played together eludes us at this time
But deep within I feel that we were once again as one
We're destined to find each other, sure as the setting sun
No one can stand between us, no obstacles are too high
Our love will last forever until the end of all time

The early 20th century is the next time we were wed
This time we were a family, a child beside our bed
Her golden curls and deep blue eyes reflected all our love
We were happy and carefree, we could never kiss enough
But a war raged across the sea; I left you both to fight
Some place upon that foreign shore I gave to them my life
You grieved until your dying day and cursed the need for war
That took me early from your arms and robbed your very core

But we were united once again in the endless tide
Today we are together again at each others side
The love we have in this new life is deep and rich and right
No matter whom I'm with, you are the center of my life
I'm just as much your husband as anyone has been
And you are more my wife than any other that has lived
Eternity before us is the river we have crossed
Our love will last eternally no matter what the cost.

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