Times Together

Lyrics and words by Francis C. Parker, Jr. 07/84
Copyright 1989

The times we spend together are like a shooting star
They're here for the briefest moment, and then they are never more
And as we stroll through the doors of time, our destinies abloom.
These times we've spent together are the ones that fill our minds.

For no matter what ever happens to each of us each day
The thoughts of our times together can help us find our way.
Friendship's the rarest treasure which man has ever conceived.
To it, gold, myrrh, and frankincense are pebbles on a beach.

It's a force which binds so very few,
Yet gives the greatest joy.
To give oneself to another is what we need to survive

And now I want to thank you all, for giving of yourselves.
The love I have for all of you, I've written in a song.
The times we spend together, are like a shooting star.
But the memories, which they produce, are brighter then the sun afar.

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