The Ballad of Captain Bravo

Lyrics and music by
Francis C. Parker, Jr. (FilkFerret)
Copyright © 1989

In days of old when bandits bold
Sailed the seven seas
There was a captain brave and strong
Who fought their piracy

He showed no fear as he fought
Ideal for story and song
A dashing hero he was indeed
A man who did no wrong


Oh Captain Bravo, a manly man was he
He fought with honor for the Crown
Too keep the trade routes free

One day while sailing off the coast
A pirate ship was seen
He turned and said to his first mate
My Red Shirt if you please

Then dressed in red he lead his men
Hell-bent for victory
They cheered their captains bold attack
For a manly man was he. (chorus)

Next day the lookout called below
Two ships are off to lee
The Captain turned, again he cried
My Red Shirt if you please.

The mate fetched that crimson top
They made the pirates bleed
Once again the men were proud
Of their captains noble deeds (Chorus)

That night they sat upon the deck
Recanting the days events
One crewman asked the captain,
So why the shirt of red?

The captain stared off into space
Forming his words with care
If I am wounded in the fray,
This shirt no blood will share,

And you men will continue too fight without a care
And be not the least afraid
To kick death in the rear.
(Instrumental Chorus.)

With the mornings sunrise
There came a mighty test
From the nest there came a cry,
There are ten more ships at best

And as the captain surveyed
Those pirate ships so proud
He turned and said to the mate,
Fetch my pants of brown.

Now if there is a moral here
I think you'll find this true
Some days you will get the bear
Some days the bear gets you. (Chorus)

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