Hills of My Dreams

Lyrics and music by Francis C Parker, Jr.
Copyright 11/1999

The stellar night surrounds me
As I lay on my cabins bed
The lush, green hills of Terra
Are calling me too their stead

When I left my home on Terra
In search of a spacers life
I was young and bold with no concerns
Prepared for a rover's plight.


Long years I've traveled the system
For years I've lived out my schemes
But now it's time to turn around
And return to hills of my dreams

I've seen the rings of Saturn
From Titans frozen shores
I've mined the asteroids metals
Deep within their silent cores

I've walked in Armstrong's footprints
On the Lunar sand just for fun
And I've chased a comet's tail
Half way around the Sun. (Chorus)

But through out the time I ventured
And explored the heavens vast
My youthful dreams have vanished
And my bones yearn for peace at last

So I turn my ship around
To catch the solar wind
Sailing towards the earth I love
For the journeys final end (2x chorus)

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